The Best SpongeBob Essay Writing Tips for Students

Is SpongeBob one of your favorite cartoons or vice versa the one you dislike? You have a great chance to share your thoughts and emotions on this popular American cartoon by writing a SpongeBob essay. First, it may seem as easy as ABC. But in reality, it isn’t. It is due to the fact that there is a deeply hidden sense in this cartoon you need to reveal in your essay paper. Check the useful tips on how to write an A-grade SpongeBob essay that will be of interest to your reader.

SpongeBob Essay Writing

Reveal the hidden meaning in your SpongeBob essay

Spongebob Square Pants is the cartoon, which target audience is from 6 years old to adults. What makes it interesting to adults as well? If you’re careful, you’ll see that there is a very deep idea in the cartoon’s plot.

Each of the seven characters in the animated series “SpongeBob Square Pants” is one of the deadly sins. Write an essay about the main idea of the story in general or write an essay about a definite character. Check the tips on how to get started and how to create an essay:

  • Start with an interesting hook. Provide the reader with some fact or interesting idea. For example, “Do you agree that the greedy boss of SpongeBob represents the black side of the capitalist system?” Asking a question to the reader is the most effective way to catch his or her attention. Later, in the paper, you should express your opinion and provide some arguments. If you think it’s the right statement, then, give the following arguments: “Mr. Crabs just thinks about profit, he saves on everything and even sings a song about how he loves money in one of the episodes.”
  • Devote about 3 paragraphs to the main body. Here is the part where you include arguments protecting your thesis statement in the introductory part. Start a new paragraph from a new idea. And don’t forget about logical connections.
  • Write a conclusion summarizing all the thoughts. Include your opinion about how the cartoon may influence the development of a personality.

Hope the tips above will help you create a good essay!